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selenium 下调用jquery

browser = webdriver.Firefox() # Get local session of firefox

with open('jquery.min.js', 'r') as jquery_js: #read the jquery from a file
    jquery = jquery_js.read()
    browser.execute_script(jquery)  #active the jquery lib

#now you can write some jquery code then execute_script them
js = """
    var str = "div#myPager table a:[href=\\"javascript:__doPostBack('myPager','%s')\\"]"
    var $next_anchor = $(str);
    if ($next_anchor.length) {
        return $next_anchor.get(0).click(); //do click and redirect
    } else {
        return false;
    }""" % str(25) 

success = browser.execute_script(js)
if success == False:


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