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jmeter HTTP2

HTTP/2 API Request Headers

Request-Headers → Call-Definition *Custom-Metadata
Call-Definition → Method Scheme Path TE [Authority] [Timeout] Content-Type [Message-Type] [Message-Encoding] [Message-Accept-Encoding] [User-Agent]
Method → “:method POST”
Scheme → “:scheme “ (“http” / “https”)
Path → “:path” “/” Service-Name “/” {method name} # But see note below.
Service-Name → {IDL-specific service name}
Authority → “:authority” {virtual host name of authority}
TE → “te” “trailers” # Used to detect incompatible proxies
Timeout → “grpc-timeout” TimeoutValue TimeoutUnit
TimeoutValue → {positive integer as ASCII string of at most 8 digits}
TimeoutUnit → Hour / Minute / Second / Millisecond / Microsecond / Nanosecond
Hour → “H”
Minute → “M”
Second → “S”
Millisecond → “m”
Microsecond → “u”
Nanosecond → “n”
Content-Type → “content-type” “application/grpc” [(“+proto” / “+json” / {custom})]
Content-Coding → “identity” / “gzip” / “deflate” / “snappy” / {custom}
Message-Encoding → “grpc-encoding” Content-Coding
Message-Accept-Encoding → “grpc-accept-encoding” Content-Coding *(“,” Content-Coding)
User-Agent → “user-agent” {structured user-agent string}
Message-Type → “grpc-message-type” {type name for message schema}
Custom-Metadata → Binary-Header / ASCII-Header
Binary-Header → {Header-Name “-bin” } {base64 encoded value}
ASCII-Header → Header-Name ASCII-Value
Header-Name → 1*( %x30-39 / %x61-7A / “_” / “-“ / “.”) ; 0-9 a-z _ - .
ASCII-Value → 1*( %x20-%x7E ) ; space and printable ASCII

HTTP/2 API Response Headers

Response → (Response-Headers *Length-Prefixed-Message Trailers) / Trailers-Only Response-Headers → HTTP-Status [Message-Encoding] [Message-Accept-Encoding] Content-Type *Custom-Metadata
Trailers-Only → HTTP-Status Content-Type Trailers
Trailers → Status [Status-Message] *Custom-Metadata
HTTP-Status → “:status 200”
Status → “grpc-status” 1*DIGIT ; 0-9
Status-Message → “grpc-message” Percent-Encoded
Percent-Encoded → 1*(Percent-Byte-Unencoded / Percent-Byte-Encoded)
Percent-Byte-Unencoded → 1*( %x20-%x24 / %x26-%x7E ) ; space and VCHAR, except %
Percent-Byte-Encoded → “%” 2HEXDIGIT ; 0-9 A-F
I’m enjoying getting down to the nitty-gritty details of how HTTP/2 works. I’m intrigued by the multi-directionality of it. Being able to use just like HTTP/1.1 with simple requests and responses, but also being able to introduce bi-directional API calls, where you can make many different API calls as you want. I don’t think I will get any time to play in the near future. I have way too much work. However, I do like learning about how it is being used, and I think Google is the most forward-thinking when it comes to HTTP/2 adoption in the API sector – providing multi-speed APIs in JSON using HTTP/1.1, or Protocol Buffers using HTTP/2.


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